My First Death by Arrvada

My First Death



I see my life divided

Between births and deaths

Significant events

That reshape and redesign

The being I have been

And who I shall become

My first death I was seventeen

I was reborn

From pain and fear and sorrow

Killed and murdered

My innocence and faith destroyed

Those I trusted betrayed

Cut me through with lies

I died that day

Burned by them

And was reborn

With all new fears

All new terrors

Like any abandoned babe

Wanting to scream, to cry

Having no one to hold me

To comfort me

My mother killed me

Leaving me without a home

Making me see

The life I had lived

Was nothing but lies

My first life was over

And I started all over again

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Silent Woods by Arrvada

The woods I enter here

Are dark and silent all the year

I love their shadows

Their whispers, their secrets and groves

For in these woods so silent and still

I came upon the greatest thrill

Inside the deep and silent woods

I found the dwellings of elves and toads

Found the home of dwarf and fairy

Watched them play, some dark, some airy

I came into the darkest place

Sat still and quiet in their space

I watched the unicorn, foal and mare

Graze and wander here and there

I sat long hours just to see

How fairies wore the suits of bees

Alone I’ve seen such wonderous things

Fairies darting with humming bird wings

Only I have seen these lovely sights

Unicorns, dwarves, elves and sprites

I alone wander in these woods

Alone beneath the canopy I’ve stood

Watching magic in natures place

Alone in my dark and silent space

Into the silent woods I walk

To sit and listen to the trees talk

My woods are silent and all my own

Because in them my magic is free to roam

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Spring by Arrvada

Something happens to me in the spring

As if a switch is flipped

A light turned on

The colors flash and flare

Bright and bold my thoughts alive

I think, I feel and know so much

Coming awake along with the earth

I am me, alive and well

Smart and creative and beautiful

I see the orange of the poppies

And smile

I am me

I am spring.

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Forests of Avalon by Arrvada

Into the forest I go

Alone, unarmed

Seeking no danger

Fearing no harm

I walk beneath the trees

Wide boughed and shading me

Branches flung wide to block the sun

Casting a magical twilight on the floor below

Vines and ferns peek and hide

Like fairies and elves being shy

The moss is like clothing

Rich and green

Covering the rough bark

Of trees ancient and lean

The path is dim and narrow


Through the forests of Avalon

In my imagination created

Where elves and unicorn

Walk sentry behind each shading branch

And peek at me from between the ferns

And leafy vines.

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Frightened Knight by Arrvada

There once was a knight

Who went to a fight

He was so afraid of the fray

That he went on his way

Shivering and shaking with fright

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Partly Successful by Arrvada

Planned and promoted

polished and groomed

I worried and waited

for guests to arrive

anxious and nervous

with no where to hide

The event began with

everything in place

And I was pleased at

everything that filled the space

the music was good

the drinks were a plenty

but no matter how shiny

and fantastic the venue

Nobody showed up to look

the place remained empty

And here i sit

reading a book.

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Out There by Arrvada

One thing I regret

It truly makes me sad

Is that I will never see

The other side of the stars

I’ll never get to swim

Through the endless sea

Of space and time

Go out into the cosmos

Race past the sun

To the very farthest reaches

Of the universe.

I regret that I may never know

Who is out there

If their green or gray

If they have spirited humans away

Did they really take Elvis?

I won’t get to find out

I am earthbound

And only get to write about

The little spacemen and the worlds

Out in the vast relief of


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Never Trust your Sister by Arrvada

I learned this at a very young age

The memory is still quite clear

Though many years have come

Since that fateful day

I remember quite clearly

How I sat, young and innocent in

The bright golden sun

I played as any good child should do

When along came my sister

With a smile so clever

She told me, her sister,

Four years younger and only

Four, to close my eyes

And open wide for the

Lovely surprise she had for me

Mild and meek, so lovely and sweet

I obeyed most readily

Thank God above I

Broke my sweet code

And opened one eye to peek

What should I see

Looming up so huge

Heading straight to my mouth?

A live and wriggling snail

Still wearing it’s shell!

I learned from that moment to never

Take at face value

Things such as sweets if

I couldn’t face them with

Eyes wide open.

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Love by Arrvada

Love is the thing in poetry

That makes a heart flutter

Makes the maiden swoon

For a bold and daring lover

It calls for Wedding bells

For white wedding veils

It causes laughter

Sighs and passionate tears

love can sometimes seem

merely an illusion

As elusive a beast as the dragon

that twines and lurks

Love is the thing poets sing

The thing young girls imagine

Romantic love is at it’s best

A very beautiful dream

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The Pack by Arrvada (Excerpt Novel #38)

…Ion’s eyes went to hell smoke, and his fangs were bared in a feral grin while a snarl rumbled in his chest. He didn’t have words, but he spoke and all of them felt his anger. Even Etain, mad with the spell and his own jealousy felt fear when he looked into the eyes of his Alpha. There was death lurking there, a chained wolf snapping at the end of its tether. The spell would not release him, and it spread, through him and licking out to infect another heart already poisoned by jealousy and hate.

Gael stepped forward, his large hand moving to lay hold of the hilt of his knife. “We have the right to challenge you, Ion. The Pack doesn’t want you leading us. We are here to fight monsters, not serve beneath one.”

As he spoke he moved, lunging forward and the blade sprang free as he did. Ion pivoted to meet him, shoving Cian back, away from himself, away from danger and the movement cost him. The blade licked its way along his side, drawing blood and unleashing the wolf.

His eyes went black, his body shuddered, bones and muscles twisting, snapping, stretching. A quick, violent and bloody change from man to beast, so quick that even as Gael was turning, correcting his stance to try his attack again, the wolf was formed and lunged for his throat. Black beast, black eyes, a flash of white bared fangs, a strangled scream, then crimson, wet and bright fed the ground.

Gael lay dead, throat a shredded, gaping wound of gore and overhead the sky went black. Jagged bolts of lightening, sickly green cut through the sky, striking the ground and the black wolf crouched, muzzle stained with gore to snarl at them. Hands moved, weapons sprang forth and the beast tensed ready to attack. Thunder shook the ground, the black wolf gathered itself to leap and Alastriona screamed….

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